17 € / 45min
Über den Lehrer
Dear student, I am looking forward to meeting you for our upcoming lesson. I’d like to offer a brief introduction: My name is AC and I have been teaching English as a second language domestically and online. I have a Master’s degree in Linguistics and have profound knowledge of the grammar and been a native speaker I can teach you how to speak more fluently with the usage of colloquial language. Currently, I live in Bali, Indonesia where I enjoy the tropical beaches, surf with friends and work with children. I am passionate about education and Modern Languages and have dedicated my life to learning as many languages as I can, thus I speak Spanish, German, English, Portuguese, French and Indonesian. As a teacher I get to contribute to my student’s growth and help them become the best they can. I can’t wait to start working with you. See you soon in my classroom! Best, AC
17 € / 45min
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